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AOS Ocean Kelp and DR Harris Arlington

Does anyone else think the AOS Ocean Kelp and Arlington are similar. I smelled the Ocean Kelp today and find the initial smell to be quite similar.
yeah iwas kinda sad when i got my ocean kelp kelp as gift, thought i smelled exactly like the arlington i just bpught.
Wow...you're right. It's funny because before I smelled them side by side, I really liked Arlington, but didn't care for Ocean Kelp. I thought Ocean Kelp smelled brighter and more like Grapefruit. But after I smelled them side by side, they smell almost identical. I wonder if my disappointment in Ocean Kelp (smells nothing like the ocean or kelp) gave me a negative bias towards the product?
I like both. I used AOS Ocean Kelp this morning & didn't even pick up on the similarity. Sniff test time!
Just found a vendor overseas who sell the AOS creams. Just reordered AOS lavender cream and the new Ocean Kelp. Hope they perform, I paid $20 a piece plus $20 for the shipping from www.skinstore.com (they have 20% off at the moment)
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