Anyone use Sharp Durablades?

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    I've got some really good shaves from the Sharp Durablades. Does anyone else use them? Don't seem to get mentioned too much. They come in green and gray packaging with Sharp on the front. I think they also make the 7 AM blades. They seem to be another mild and forgiving blade. :confused1
  1. Haven't yet, but when my Gillette Rubie finally dies I will be using a 7am to see how they work.
  2. I tried them. Once. Hated them.
  3. The cost per 100 blades is up there very close to premium blades. That said, I get 2-4 shaves from this blade.
  4. Which country are the sharp blades from? The box says Swiss quality.
  5. I still have dozens of them from around 10 years ago, though I think the "Durablade" has been added to the label because mine don't have that on the packaging. They happen to be a favourite of mine, providing close, comfortable, irritation free shaves. I got a sample pack in 2007 and loved them immediately so I stocked up on them.
  6. I found one in my blade stash. It just says Sharp Stainless in a dark green & white cover. I agree that they are smooth & almost irritation free. I am going on shave 4 tomorrow.
  7. My 2 cents worth. The Sharp is ok, the 7am is a little better. RBC has started to carry them and a few others made by same company. I wanna say their made in Bangladesh?
    The 7am is supposed to be the best blade they make according to their website.
    They are a smooth blade but not the sharpest.
    I've seen them for about 12 bucks on Amazon recently.
  8. Thats good info to know but, whom is RBC....? Thanks!
  9. Shaved with a Sharp last night in a Gillette SS Red Tip. Near BBS shave , very little irritation. They don't get talked about very much. The 7 am gets really bad reviews. I haven't shaved with one yet myself. I might pick up some to try if they're like you say better than the Sharps. They're made by the same company so if I like the Sharps then I should like the 7 am's.
  10. Sharp vs 7AM on the tube = Sharp won by a tad.
  11. RBC razor blades club. is a site you can by blades from like tryablade.
  12. I just watched that same video last night.:thumbup1:
  13. 7AM is one of the worst blades I've tried, right up there with Treet and Supermax; didn't work for me at all.
  14. Well,,,, unfortunately I ordered some of the 7 AM's so I guess we'll see. I ordered some more of the Sharp's cause they seem to work well for me. Also went with some Ladas, Rapira's, Vokshod from the RBC.
  15. New to me, so will follow this thread with interest! :a21::a21:
  16. Sharp bit the dust on my medium beard type halfway on shave 5. The good points are: excellent smoothness, Virtually irritation free & no nicks.! Longevity of the blade is the only problem as I am spoiled with getting 5-7 shaves per blade.
  17. Thanks!

    Tomorrow will be shave #7 with a Personna lab which has a long way to go (so that’s a good baseline for me.)
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    Sharps are one of the many Bangladeshi blades made by Samah Razor Blade Corp... samah5.jpg
  19. Sharp doesn't seem to get a lot of love, but it is still one of my faves.

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