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Anyone tried this?

Haven't used that one, but I can tell you the guy that runs Carr's is a great guy and will answer any questions you may have about his products. I have been in his store a few times (yep, it's in Tampa).
I posted up some pics of mine for you over at SMF.
Not a bad razor IMHO. Seems pretty well made, also and is shaped like a regular straight.
BTW are you the same guy who sold me the WARS awhile back?
its good stuff.
John P
John, I know who you mean, he sold me some also. He's so nice it's unreal. By the way, I'm crazy about that WARS stuff. After the X-Mas holidays, I'm going on a business trip to Poland, I'll be back with 20 tubes of WARS and another cream called Pollena Lider which is also super. But, this other Pawel's a wonderful guy as well.

You're right. He's also a member over at The wetshavers (MSN) group, which is where I heard about it first. Thought maybe he was the same guy.
Great guy.
John P.
Jeff, we probably got it the same time...LOL he said he was going to post it on ebay...I went straight over and bought....
GOOD STUFF> smells kinda like 4711 or maybe Penhaligon Castile, to me.
John P.
hmmmmm, like 4711? I don't know.......and I never smelled Penhaligan's. All I know is I love the smell of WARS as well as the lather and the feeling after I'm done shaving with it. Pawel sure knows what he's talking about.

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