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Has anyone tried RazoRock's Switch V2?

Has anyone tried RazoRock's Switch V2? The dual set up between traditional double edge safety razor and "barber straight" seems a bit gimmicky but is still an interesting idea. I already have a Feather AC SS as my shavette option, so I don't see myself justifying the Switch but I was curious to see thoughts from anyone who tried it.
I got a Switch V2 when they were on sale for $25 a year or so ago. As a DE razor, it was okay, nothing special and I could never get a good shave with it as a straight but then again I was trying to use it on my legs in the shower (swimmer that believes hair adds drag).

As a tool, it is machined extremely well and has perfect tolerances, blade fitment, and is lightweight. I tried selling it cheap on the FST but no bites so I just use it on the legs now and then.
Thanks for the feedback, that was about what I was expecting to hear. Seems like a cool idea but I figured it would end up in the very back of my drawer if I tried it.
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