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Anyone tried the goldennib english knots?

May have been asked before, but im looking at one of Tonys brushes with either one of his finest hari knots, or one of the english knots. What do people know about the differences?

I have a nice vintage butterscotch handle that I restored with a 21 mm. UK super badger knot from the Golden NIB.



It is a beautiful and very soft knot - though a little floppy and splays a lot, it might have been better if I had set the knot slightly deeper.

I believe these knots are made by Vulfix, it is quite identical to the knot of my Shaving Shack onyx handelded super badger - which I am 90% sure is also set by Vulfix. I am planning to get myslf a Vulfix super, just to check it out.


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+1 on them being made by Vulfix. They are very nice knots. Hair is similar to the non-hand tied super badger. +1 again on the fact that the knot should be set fairly deeply or they can be on the floppy side. setting the loft at 50-52mm seems to work best and produces a great lather and a fairly firm knot.

The chinese silvertips and the two banded finest are also excellent. Great product all around from the Nib.
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