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Anyone know anything about the Parker 90R?

Without knowing anything about it, I bit the bullet and bought my first DE Safety Razor, from a fellow member, Jim Thompson. I searched both the B&B boards, as well as google and was not able to find any information on this blade.

Any thoughts about this particular razor or even Parker in general?
I have one.....and they shave well. Build quality is not as good as the Merkur....but they work and work well. I should use it more....but unfortunately I am influenced by Peer pressure. I have found that many people rubbish them without ever having used one.

My take is a bit different than madmedic's. I have one--its very pretty, black with gold--but the build quality is terrible. It feels like its about to snap apart whenever I use it--which is not often.

I was going to keep it as a travel razor as it came with a nice red case, but every time I pack my kit for a trip I can't bring myself to put it in there, and bring my Vision or HD instead. Both feel substantially heavier and better made in my hand.

Just my 2 cents.
I have one. Like Brian, mine is built reasonably well (though not to the level of a Merkur or a vintage Gillette) and gives a good shave. Not my primary razor, as that is reserved for my adjustable Merkur Progress, but a decent value for the money (as long as you can get it at around the starting bid on eBay). By the description, mrob has the 96R, which is a different razor.

Thank you all for your help on this. I should be receiving it in a week or so and I can post some more pictures and a review after trying it out. However, since it will be my first DE Razor ever, I have nothing to compare it to.
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