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Anyone have a list of good brands for antique straight razors?

A couple I have that I really enjoy in no particular order:
Ern Crown and Sword
W.M. Elliot and Co.
Geneva Cutlery
Edwards and Walker
Imperial Razor

Sometimes you can find a few with no "brand" that are stunning shavers as well. I have one simply marked Barbers Delight that is excellent, and recently picked one up with Copper King stamped on it that is absolutely phenomenal.
I've never had a vintage of any brand in decent shape that didn't shave well. So I think it's wide open. Barbers used many no name razors. If there was "the one" I would think they would have all used it. Jmo.
It's a matter of cleaning and honing to me. But let me give a couple names that I have been happy with.J.r.Torrey,geo.korn,Wadsworth (kastor bros.),boker,theirs issard,and c.v.heljistrand . If you are doing the work a hollow ground is the way to go. Wedges are tricky. Good luck. Just to be safe you should buy a few:)
I could make a long list, and that would only be the Swedish makers, then we have Germany, France, UK, USA and others. If it looks good buy it and start from there.
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