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Any suggestions for a brush upgrade?

I'm still green but I am a complete convert. Nivea gel and Mach 3, what was I thinking? Anyway, I bought a Col. Conk pure badger for a starter brush just to see how this worked for me before making a major investment. I am sure I will want to upgrade some time in the not so distant future. As I look at brushes I am overwhelmed :eek: . Size, shape, brand. Does anyone have suggestions for a decent upgrade? I dont think I would ever pay over $100 for a brush no matter how wonderful it is promissed to be. I seem to lean towards soaps as opposed to creams. I dont know if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.
I don't think you can go too far wrong with one of the Kent BK range. They range from pretty cheap to quite expensive but not really expensive.
I've been using a Shavemac machine made brush that I paid under $30 for 5 years ago, I'm looking to upgrade also and their handmade brushes look mighty fine. I love the light bulb shape of the hand made Shavemacs, and there's a large range of size and prices.
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