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Any DIY soap/cream/balm makers here?

I've been experimenting a bit with making some preshave and post shave skin creams and I've been learning quite a bit but I still have a lot of questions about various ingredients and blending order and different processes. Was hoping to bounce some ideas off any forum members who make soap or creams and might have experience with some of the ingredients and processes.

Is there some forum area that would be better for this?

What I've been making and using for a few months now (and having really good experience with it so far). I'm blending several oils/butters and adding Panthentol and ferulic acid and vitamin E --- then I'm adding a solubilizer (hydrogenated Castor Oil) so I can mix it with water and water based ingredients like Aloe Vera juice and Hyaluronic Acid.

before I started experimenting with the solubilizer, it wouldn't mix with water --- so you couldn't use it pre-shave or you'd leave a greasy scum in the sink and on the razor. So I was just using it post shave -- I'd apply Hyaluronic Acid Serum to my face (post shave) and once that had soaked in I'd apply the oils/butters mixture to seal everything in. That worked just fine but I really wanted to try and make something that would rinse off with water.

The stuff I'm making now feels really good on the skin and when you spritz it with water or rub your face with wet hands, it turns super slippery and rinses easily. So I'm thinking of tweaking it a little to be a water soluble pre-shave. Most of the soaps I have don't need any pre-shave (A&E K2e or Grooming Dept Kaizen and SE for example) since they already have lots of protective butters/oils etc. --- but I've got a few lesser soaps that don't and this cream I'm making seems to add that protection.

Anyway ... sorry for the long ramble. I'm probably posting this in the whole wrong forum section anyway :letterk1:
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