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Another night of compliments

Tonight I have on Creed Boos du Portugal. I like this one wether or or night anyone else likes it. When I first got this in the mail I liked this a lot when I first put it on. I did three sprays and it was a little strong for the the twenty minutes than it calmed down. I am in a room with ceiling fans on so maybe that makes a difference. I'm getting little diffs of it here and there. This is definitely a keeper.
I find it's a one spritz frag. Any more than that and I'd be afraid of offending someone. Awesome juice, though. Good on you for having the jewels to wear it in spring, haha!
I'm currently rotating Jubilation XXV, GIT, and Bois du Portugal. I plan on wearing any of the 3 through the summer. I'm not one for giving a thought to the seasons when it comes to fragrance. I laugh a little at some of the reviews on Basenotes where they say they can't wear a fragrance because you need to wear it with a suit or to a formal occasion. It's as if they use the fragrance to create the impression where I always thought it was up to you to carry off whatever impression you wanted to create and the fragrance is a sidenote.