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Another first timer....

Shaved with the straight for the first time today. Now, granted, I had some help with my DE.

The Straight - quasi WTG:
Cheeks and Jaw line, and Lower Neck

What I mean by Quasi WTG is that some of the places I was shaving wasn't 100% in direction of WTG, but in that "general direction".

Straight - XTG
Cheeks and Jaw line

Everything else + ATG shaving was done with my DE.

How did I do? Well, I don't have any cuts, so that is a Plus for a first time. However, I do have some redness that look VERY MUCH like some of my first DE shaves to which I found I wasn't using the correct angle, so I am pretty sure I am having angle issues here.

Which leads me to this....Is there some source I can view (video or anything) that can help me see what the angle should look like?

Thanks to Rambus007 for PIFing me the straight. Definatly something I want to try some more.
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