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Anchor Steam Small Beer

Since I've moved to Portland, I could never find Anchor Small Beer, even in Santa Cruz it was hit and miss. But yesterday in Freds, they had 6 bottles out. I think it was the entire stock and I took them all. I love Anchor Small Beer

The best New Years treat I could think of and I didn't get trashed.

Not much alcohol in it, but I think it is the most tasty, thirst quenching beverage around. I hope Freds thinks "Wow, we sold all that, let's buy more". I will buy their stock every time. I will create the market!

Are there any other Small beers out there?

Drank a lot while in San Francisco. Always like to support a local manufacturer.

Not bad....................... for an American Beer :tongue_sm
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Thank you for posting this. I love Anchor Steam, and will now be on the hunt for their small beer.
Never seen, nor heard of it. Around here, the few places that carry Anchor just have Steam Beer and Liberty Ale.
Never seen this specific beer, but I'm a huge fan of the "session beers". Session beer is a pretty general term that would encompass any beer below 4%, has flavor, but no excessive flavors like bitterness or maltiness. Made to be drunk in quantity without really getting drunk. Stone Levitation is one of my favorites. Weighing in at just below 4%ABV, it packs more flavor than you would expect out of such a low gravity beer. I also enjoy a good English Mild when I can get my hands on one. Berlinerweiss, (when you can find it) at 2-3.5% ABV is a very nice refreshingly sour session beer.

I wish more breweries would cater to session or small beers like this. When you go to a restaurant with a nice beer menu, its hard finding a beer below 7.5ABV. I love me some IIPAs, Barleywines and Imperial Stouts, but when you are the one driving, its hard to warrant 12 ounces of some of the higher gravity beers.
I have been fortunate enough to try the Steam and their Christmas beer all the way out here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. I enjoyed it a lot, almost a West Coast Yuengling. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the Small.
I like Anchor Steam the best. It is also unique in being the only beer made in the US that uses a process that was developed in the US.
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