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Alternative to Trumpers Skinfood?



Just throwing my tuppence in here as I've used the Coral Skin Food for the best part of three years and some months now.

I originally started off with 100ml bottles (didn't get the sample until much later!), then moved on to 200ml bottles. I get at least 6months (sometimes 8 months) use out of these. That's not necessarily using it for single shave (I shave maybe three times a week), but if I do it's usually as a pre shave as well as a post shave - often quite liberally. A bottles in London will set me back just over £19.

I've thought about getting the 500ml but so far I haven't for two reasons:
- If I travel, the 500ml bottle is ridiculous to fit in a wash bag. I sometimes have trouble with the 200ml!! Both go in my suitcase of course, but there's only a limit to how big a wash bag is!!
- During the winter months, the Skin Food is great, if a little drying. So, I may not always use it year round. I might use balms and other stuff for about 4 or 5 months in a year. Nonetheless, the Skin Food totally last that time.

Basically, I don't have a problem with it's price (although they did cheekily increase it twice since 2006!!) and I'm finding it very hard to replace this product.

If you do need advice on where to purchase in the UK (note - that does NOT imply I sell it!!), I'd be happy to offer some advice - just PM me.
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