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Alternative to pins

The bolts would be tiny not small. I tried first with what I thought was small rod. Way too thick. That was cause I went to the hardware store before investigating. There are a couple of eBay sellers out there that have appropriate material. The pins and washers plus a hammer isn't very much. The bad part is failure early on. I think I bent a few pins before I got the hang. That meant removal of the pins multiple times. I beat up the scales. I can say if you are willing to just try pinning two flat pieces of whatever together ,you will be able to get good at it after a few tries. There is a razor made with some type of screw set up. I think Hart razors. Maybe look up (replacement hardware for Hart razor). Not sure if they are sold separately. Anyhow good luck.
>machine screws>hex head>brass
0-80 will fit. they appear to have 1/2" or 3/4" length. you will also need 0-80 nuts as well

>hardware>nuts>hex nuts>brass>small pattern

i have only used them for test-fitting so i tighten them just with my fingers but they also sell a socket wrench for 0-80 size as well

>tools and miscellaneous>miniature hex socket wrench
the 3/32 size says it is for 0-80 hex head bolts - you might actually want two of them, one for the bolt, one for the nut if you are planning to make them permanent
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