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Aftershave-balm VS Moisturizer (Post-shave-Routine)

I shave 2 passes every day, have sensitive skin and can't do BBS every time, but it makes the joy even greater on the weekends when I can go for 3-4 passes and BBS.

1. I'm starting with alum block.

2. Witch hazel (alcohol free)

3. After Shave (very often "brut" or "proraso-green", just love the scent)

4. A post-Shave-Balm soothes irritation after a shave, but if I instead end with applying a good quality moisturizer, it's almost impossible to get closer to heaven after BBS, absolutely fantastic feeling! Is there any point in using balm when I cleanse the skin with witch hazel?

What is your Post-Shave-Routine?
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A little poofier than I prefer
Splash of cold water. Splash of, ugh, SPALSH. Comb hair. Out the door.

Gotta go with what works for you. I tried balms for a while, but they over hydrate my skin and cause shave bumps. A little glycerin in a good astringent alcohol splash hits the spot for me. I might throw on a little Shea butter if my skin is particularly dry during winter.
I rinse my face with warm or cool water (it depends) then dry off. After that I usually apply an after shave liquid or balm. I prefer liquids, specifically those with alcohol but no menthol, but I'll use menthol a/s if it's all that's offered, like the Fine brand. I really like how Declaration Grooming sells their splash. Instead of adding the menthol themselves, the send it separately in a small bottle that you can add to the aftershave yourself if you choose.

I'll use a lightweight balm if that's all a soap maker offers (I like to use the same scented soap and a/s) but heavier balms make my skin too oily so I avoid them.

That's all I do. I guess I'm lucky in that I can use most any aftershave so long as it isn't overly moisturizing, but my strong preference is definitely for alcohol based a/s with no menthol.
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