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    You can lap the stone on a flat tile with sand paper. But dont' let me talk you out of using a DMT or an Atoma diamond plate, they're better, but they cost a few bucks. Also - you need is a good straightedge to prove your surface is actually flat.

    This is an inexpensive and sure fire way to get a good edge with ease.
  2. Except for the fact I already have jnats and am trying to get what I have to work.
  3. MO1


    I haven't tried films. But I I don't regret one bit getting my coticule, ark and jnats.
    Only thing I regret getting is my 8k and 16k shapton glass. With the naturals and different slurries, it was a waste of money.
    I say from my opinion that you are on the "right" path, although some people will probably disagree with me.
  4. I'm with you. I have no regrets buying and using stones. There is no question I will continue to use them and experiment. However, since I hone to shave, it's essential I have the best edge that suits my beard.
  5. Have you thought about posting a video of your process? Might be helpful.

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