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Adelaidian points (new kid)

Ahoy hoy all,

Very new to anything other than electric or cartridge razors.

I have a pretty bad skin condition which limits my ability to shave with the above.

I ran into a doctor in the course of my job months ago, and he mentioned that I should look at safety razors for good skin days and straight razors for when it’s bad.

he said the level of pressure and angle control will help my cause. Which doesn’t seem surprising as I remember my late father who had the same condition shaved with a straight for many years.

It’s sat with me for a while and now I’m jumping in.

Intro and why I’m here aside.

I’m more than happy to go deep and learn to hone. However a decent progression of stones is probably a bridge too far $$$ wise at the moment

is there anyone local (eg within aus) (that’s active) that you can recommend for honing ?

apologies for the life story :p
@Legion - maybe he can help with honing sources

Welcome to B&B - that sounds like a oretty progressive doctor recommending safety and straights.

over the years iirc we’ve seen a lot of cadmans found out of your area.

Fine abrasive films are inexpensive intro into honing.
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