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Hello to all,
I finally purchased this very well regarded aftershave balm and, curious by nature, I unscrewed the pump dispenser and surprise-surprise...either this is a "revolutionary", never seen(at least by me))mechanism of dispensing the aftershave or the damned thing is broken because I cannot see the pipe that usually reaches the bottom of the bottle.
For those of you who use this stuff, which one is it?
well?? does it dispense or not? if it dispenses product into said hand when pumping then I declare it not broken.. If nothing comes out, as I would suspect will be the case, then it is indeed defective.
You are right sir, up to a point...because is possible that some balm remained stucked in the very top of the dispenser after the(presumably)pipe was broken.
Redgrandam, you actually used this stuff or you simply use logic?
Just logic. Sorry, sometimes people need help with the obvious. But I know what you mean, it's probably stuck in the thing from when it was shipped, however, when they put things like these together, there is usually nothing in the pump, like when you buy a new thing of hand soap, it takes a few pumps before anything comes out.. AS products would be the same usually. I've never used this product, but I assume with you that it should have a straw inside it. but like I said if it keeps pumping product out, then you are good. If there should be a straw, but isn't, you won't get anymore than 2-3 pumps out of it.
There's no straw. There's what appears to be some kind of ball mechanism in the base of the pump top that stores and releases the balm when you shake the bottle (which they instruct you to do before each use).
Well, I send my question to the guys from TGR and look what they answered to me:
"...This is a revolutionary airless pump. As you dispense product, the bottom of the bottle rises, keeping your TGR After Shave Balm fresh and uncompromised by air or water. It’s interesting as well as entertaining hearing how many gentlemen look inside to recognize something familiar. I assure you your bottle isn’t broken and the wonderful TGR After Shave Balm is waiting for your use..."
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