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A very interesting shave, Part II - Fifth Shave Feather

So I know there are going to be a million opinions on this. But does anybody else out there find that a feather DE blade shaves really really well after 5 days or so?

I just shaved with a feather in my DE that has been used at least four or five times before. Now I know that a lot of people find they last a week without a problem, so getting a decent shave is not remarkable.

The thing is, it actually felt like the blade had hit kind of a sweet spot. Almost as sharp as ever, but smoother.

Anyone else have any similar experience? Seems like I remember Dr. Chris over at SMF mentioning something like this once.........
Sorry--can't help you here--still scared straight of the Feathers myself!:eek:

Every time I load one up I slice myself something fierce.
I found that the feathers deteriorated steadily from the first shave, and had to be changed after 3 shaves. The american personna blades improve after the first shave, then hold steady through the next three shaves before dying. The Feather AC super pro blades were good for about 7 shaves though.
I know what you mean. With some feather blades they seem to kick in after about 4 or 5 shaves and even get smoother but others go down hill pretty fast after about 5 shaves. Not sure what's going on with that!
I get 14 (two weeks) shaves per blade from Feathers and find they actually work better, for me, the second week.
A friend of mine uses Feathers and the typical number of shaves he gets per blade is 14, however, some of the sharper, better, blades he has used for three or four weeks.

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