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A Thank You to Our Members

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Howdy All,

Given the current rate at which B&B has been growing, and how active all of you have been, we wanted to come up with a way of thanking the people who make this place what it is, the members.

So, in appreciation of you, we'd like to announce our first B&B contest.

The What: The prize will be a $20 gift certificate to QED (http://www.qedusa.com/).

The Who: Any member is eligible (besides me, Joel, and QED), the only requirement is that you either A. Have a B&B Hall of Fame entry posted before you make your ‘guess’, or B. Have at least 5 posts to your name before making your ‘guess’.

The When: The winner will be announced on the 30th of August (probably later in the day as I’m not an early riser :wink: ).

The How: A number between 1 and 1000 has been chosen, and Joel, myself, and Charles from QED know it. Between now and the time the winner is announced, provided that you have met the requirements, you may post ONE entry in this thread with your guess of what that number is. You’re welcome to post any comments you’d like, but you are only allowed to guess once. If someone has already guessed a number, you cannot guess it. Whoever comes closest to that number (this isn’t the Price is Right, you’re allowed to go over) wins! The winner will be announced in this forum, and will also receive a PM with details on how to redeem the gift certificate.

That’s all there is to it!

Thanks again, and happy posting!


Edited: To fix the date. :001_tt2:
20th of August~~~~~ we are all late then............. :001_tt2:

My "guess" would have been 357.....
there you go, would I have won ???? LMAO :glare:

- Gramps
It's been a long night people, and I haven't even had my DOTD yet!!!

Fixed, btw.

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