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A Short History of PERFUME by Gary Sargent

Yes, Drew, I did use Kimberly's article as one of the sources, as well as Wikipedia, and The Complete Encyclopedia of Essential oils, Rainbow Meadow's monographs for clarification.
Thank you for your most excellent overview! I'm very much a novice in this area and I eagerly await further installments :)
Simply outstanding exposition and primer on perfume. I've been fascinated by scents, since I was a teen and especially after a visit to Cairo, where I was introduced to the essential oil purveyors, in the shadows of Cheops. I wonder if you can make comment on the new Killian scents, as they seem VERY expensive, and the first that made me vary from Aramis in 40 plus years. (white cristal was the culprit)
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My stock.. I don't have a real organ, I just take what I am going to work with and spend a lot of time getting up and down...

Essential Oils are in the blue corner cabinet and fragrance oils are in the closet... this is about 1/2 of what I have... :biggrin:

I have a quick quesstion. Are there any popular or available EdTs that still use the real sandalwood despite the cheaper, stream-lined version existing? If so, what are they?

I am having a hard time finding good perfumes that give off that manly smell like pipe smoke and leather books. What kinds of perfumes should I be looking at in order to get that more musky manly smell?
Hm, pretty solid overview.

4711 as the first cologne? I wonder what Farinahaus would say about that. (ok, actually I know pretty much their opinion on that)
But the principle is similar, even though different senses are stimulated - and many of the same perfume chemicals are the same.

I have a couple of fantastic books on perfume and perfumary, such as the Givaudan/RSC books on fragrance chemistry, Arctander's wonderful books on perfume and flavour chemicals and some others, the names of which escape me.

This is truly a fascinating art or science (depending on your perspective) and I personally feel there is a lot of both used in the blending of perfumes.

What is the name of the Vetiver from Caron? You know..Babe Magnet. Sounds like its worth checking out. Not that I need help with women or anything. :cool: :ladysman:

I apologize for my 'dead thread revival' here, but I'm wondering the same thing as Jonny here. Although, I'll go so far to say, 'the more help, the better' :tongue_sm

Although, since Sue (via Gary) said it wasn't produced anymore, is there any place I can get a good facsimile... with the same... aforementioned properties?

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Looks like more good info for the Wiki!
+ 1 and I second that motion for the Wiki because Gary's expose was not only interesting, but also very informative. :thumbsup:

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Maybe you and Gary will collaborate on another installment (comparison/contrast perhaps?), on Eau De Toilette Spray?

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wow im going to read this when i have some time. good stuff and thanks for posting. been meaning to learn all this.
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