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A New Player in the Brush Biz - Vintage Blades Brand

To me, we can never have enough different choices for brushes. Whether we choose the long established brands like Rooney, Simpson, Plisson, Omega, etc., the classics like Eveready and Rubberset that need a loving restoration, or something made by one of our resident artisans, we are blessed with choice. The other day, I was over at Vintage Blades and noticed on the brush page that there was now an option of "Vintage Blades Brand" to click on. So I did. I swear I couldn't help myself! It turns out that Jim is offering 7 different brushes with the same handle style, in faux ivory and faux ebony, ranging from 20-24 mm in 2 band "Finest" badger or synthetic. As the price of the 20 mm 2 band badger in faux ivory was only $25, I decided to take a flyer and see what VB was offering. Anyway, the package arrived today, and here is what I found inside:

The brush comes in a nice black box, helpfully labelled with the knot type.

There are all of the specs, 20 mm. The website cites a loft of 50 mm.

Nice tissue paper wrapping on the inside, along with a helpful brush care guide on an included slip of paper.

I must say, this is a nice looking brush. The handle is very solid, and per the description, clearly lathe-turned. I like the simple, classic handle style as well.

Here's a shot of the knot from the top. Typical of two-band hair, the knot has a good amount of backbone. Dry, it is not remotely floppy, and the tips have a nice scrubby feel to them. You can see that it is relatively dense, and I place it somewhere between a Simpson Tulip 2 band (less dense) and a Simpson Classic 1 (aka the Chubby 0).

My first impressions, as you can tell are very positive. The brush has a very nice fit and finish to it, and the packaging reflects the quality that I have come to expect from Vintage Blades. I'll be using the brush over the next several days, seeing what it can do with Trumpers Rose soap in face and bowl lathering applications.
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Very interesting and nice looking brush! Please.. please give us a report and comparison to some of your other brushes after you've had a chance to use it a time or two. I really like the looks of the handle. :thumbup1:
I just did a test bowl lather with it to see how it performs. After a quick soak, the tips became meltingly soft. I will use the term gel-like, but haven't used an M&F or Rooney XXL or XXXL to compare. Jim's website indicates that it is a brand of hair unique to Vintage Blades, so I'm guessing that it is not a TGN. Truth be told, the knot feels very different from the B&B 2011 LE, which has a TGN knot. It had no problem whipping up a nice bowl of Trumper's Rose loaded from the soap. I'll use it for a face lather tomorrow morning. The brush did not drop a single hair. So far, so good.


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That's damn nice for that price. I wonder where these are made.

Is it a true 50mm loft? It looks a little lower ... I think I gotta get me one of those.
Nice looking brush with a beautiful handle; and at a great price. Very nice buy.

Just saw this one on Vintage Blades--very nice specs:
The VB Brand Shaving Brush in faux Ivory is a handmade brush with a lathe turned, hand polished handle. It is made of 100% 2-band "Finest" Badger.

Overall brush height: 102mm
Handle height: 50mm
Brush Loft: 52mm
Knot diameter: 22mm

Our Finest Badger has very resilient bristles and soft tips. These economical brushes are excellent for use with our handcrafted, artisan shaving soaps which work best with a brush with more backbone.

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Those are some fine looking brushes at great prices.

If they perform as well as they look, they are sure to shake up the brush market.

Can't wait to read how it performs in a shave setting
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What an interesting brush. It definitely looks like a quality brush, and those creamy white tips look wonderful. Please keep us updated after your first shave with it.


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Hmmm... maybe I'll get one of these after the 2012 sabbatical is over. Very nice looking and a great price.
That is a great looking brush at that price. The size is in my sweet spot. I'd be interested in reviews where it is used to face lather with a hard soap. Is it too floppy for this, or is the backbone well suited for it ?
Hi Bob,
The box and Finest badger sticker also handle shape and two band hair remaind me a company from china so there are many producer copied this handle shape im not sure the real maker but just i can say it looks great finest brush with this price range and im really curious to hear first shave experience.
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