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A gem amongst GEM's

I have the same razor, I think it's the original Contour? Anyway it's a great razor, but I think I need to step up and buy some of the PTF? coated blades.
Cheers, DJ.
I shall have to give that a try. I believe I have a couple laying around. Just tried a micromatic for the first time the other day. Two shaves with it so far - will post my experience soon. Was interesting.
I've just ordered some vintage injectors, GEM's and an Ever-Ready from e-bay vendors and ordered a bunch of blades from Ted Pella (packs of 20 stainless PTFE injectors for $4.50 and 200 stainless PTFE GEM blades for $33.00).

I'll post some comments after I've had a chance to try them.
Hello all..

I want to find GEM blades sold in Europe, I live in Sweden and you can´t find any useful shaving-gear here, maybe The Palmolive Cream.. Thing is I dont wanna order from the US since the shipping is murder, or customs will have my packet for lunch and add about 50% of original cost :mad:

So Gents.. any Ideas.. I only need a few to test my very old Ever-Ready..

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