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A Birth Year Razor on my Anniversary.Sort of.

So for our tenth wedding anniversary my wife did something really special. She has been very supportive of my habit and recently heard me rambling about birth year razors. So she went behind my back, did her own research, and ordered me a beautiful vintage razor off eBay. It's a nice Gillette Super Speed Flair Tip in great condition with a Z3 date code. The only issue is I'm 35 years old, not 60. I was really torn up about whether to tell her or not. I knew how hard she must have worked to make this happen, and she told me how stressed she was to make sure she got just the right one and got it here on time. But I knew she would want to know the truth, so a few days later I gently broke the news to her. I was concerned that she might have overpaid and that the seller might have misled her. To my wife's credit, she did know about the multiple years for "Z" razors and asked the seller, who incorrectly told her it was a '79 and not a '54. She paid about $30 to get it here, so I'm going to keep and enjoy it; it's really nice razor regardless of the year, and just the thought alone was more special to me than anything in the world. So now she's looking hard for a Black Handled Super Speed, Super Adjustable, or Tech with a "Z3" date code. I feel bad that she tried so hard and I hate that the seller didn't know what they were talking about. What do you guys think? Would you have told her or just let it ride?
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SS Flare Tip is a great razor, but it's the thought that counts.

It's an anniversary razor. Enjoy it!

You did the right thing telling her. If you didn't she might try to get you another (incorrect) one in the future. She seems to be OK with it. I'd definitely go back to the seller, and inform them that you were misled. They might offer a partial refund. They want happy customers.
She was interested, now she's better informed. Nothing wrong with having a wife that wants to encourage your hobby and is interested. You scored on both the razor and the wife. Hang on to both of them and treat them both well. They'll both keep you looking sharp each day.
My opinion: it was pretty great of her to have undertaken the effort of tracking down what is, for 99.999% of people, an obscure, meaningless item of shaving paraphernalia. It sounds like if she had run across a more informed seller she would have nailed it.

Hope you enjoy the flare tip. Your wife, though, is the real keeper.
Personally, I would have let it ride, Since you've been married a decade, no doubt you were right.
That's a very thoughtful gift.
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