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    Hello there B&B!

    My ADs have recently flared up and I've taken delivery of three new Simpsons brushes.

    Chubby 2 in Best - iconic. So glad to have one of these back in my collection. It's been years since I used one and that was a chronic shedder so hoping this one is a winner.

    Duke 3 in synthetic - as much as synthetic fibers seem to be the way of the future, I've never really tried one that won me over. Hoping this one bridges the gap between tradition and future. It seems the handle shape and knot size have great potential to become a work horse.

    Special 1 in synthetic - came with a travel case and seems just the right companion for a shave stick on the road. Hopefully this will be a lifesaver while traveling for work (vs hand lathering creams).

    Here's a pic of my 3 new toys. I'll share my thoughts here as I get to know these brushes.

    Thanks for reading.


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  1. martym

    martym Contributor

    Very nice!!
  2. Excellent!!! Enjoy your new brushes. I am very interested to hearing your thoughts on the Classic 1 as a travel brush.
  3. Congratulations :a14:
  4. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Nice brushes, congratulations.
  5. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    Very nice!

    I recently picked up a Chubby 2 synth and am loving it!
  6. Great!
    I’m like you.
    Not a big synthetic brush fan.
    Would you please give your perspective on the Duke and the Special?
  7. Enjoy your new brushes! A nice looking trio!
  8. Nice! Hope you enjoy them.
  9. Special? You mean Classic??
  10. Yep, good catch, I'll see if I can edit.

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  11. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Emeritus

    I thought the "Classic 1 synth" was special :001_tongu
  12. Very nice purchases, congratulations! I'll look forward to your writeups of each after you use them.
  13. WONDERFUL!! :a14::a14::a14:
  14. Marco

    Marco Ambassador

    3 new beautiful friends! I'm sure they will serve you well for many years to come!
  15. beginish

    beginish Moderator Emeritus

  16. Thank you all for the comments and interest!

    Apparently tradition won out over trendiness and I decided to get to work with the Chubby 2 in Best tonight.

    I enjoy a wide array of lathering products but decided for this Chubby's first spin, I needed something unabashedly British. GFT cream certainly fit the bill!

    Here's a pic after the first pass worth of face lathering.

    As far as first impressions for the brush itself... THIS is the British brush your mama warned you about. Simpsons Best has been associated with so many different adjectives. For this particular specimen, it's a firm and scrubby WALL of badger. The thick handle is a great fit for my gargantuan hands as well.

    I couldn't help but pause and enjoy the marriage of this classic pairing of brush and cream. These moments are what traditional wetshaving in 2019 is all about!

    Overall I'm eager to continue getting to know this brush with other lathering media over the next few weeks. The only challenge will be working in time with the new Duke and Classic while I'm at it.

    Thanks for reading and have a great night. [​IMG]

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