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2nd Brush Recomendation

So, I am considering another brush. I currently have a medium EJ BBB and I love it. It has the right amount of bloom, softness, and spring, and knot size. If I get a second brush I would like something very similar, which I think might be a tall order since I think this brush offers a lot of bang for you buck. I don't even think i necessarily want to upgrade to the silver tip, I have quite enjoyed best badger. But, maybe another brand? Any recommendations?
My second (and current) brush has been the Kent BK4. It has truly been an amazing upgrade from my C&E beginner brush. I would highly recommend it as a second brush. Good luck!!

- Chase
This is just a thought from a Newbie - but for my second brush I purchased a Vulfix turnback. I travel and wanted something to carry with me and not worry about my primary brush. I am just guessing but I am sure I'll be looking at getting another brush as my 2nd brush for home. Then I'll probably want a 2nd brush for travel ...... oh wait a minute am I coming down with one of the AD's? :w00t:
Maybe a Rooney Special, from Vintage Blades?. I've got the super silvertip in tortoise, and the pure badger in tortoise. The pure runs about 40 bucks I believe. It's a small brush, I (and I think many other people) use them primarily for face lathering soaps and sometimes creams. Considering selling mine soon actually. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
Go for something else, a little more exciting. BK4 is a luxurious and is just under $60. The Rooney mentioned might be a good choice. There's the Simpsons Special 1 in best which will be denser and softer than your BBB on sale at Penworks for $30 (least expensive Simpson you"ll ever see).Or wait for another C&E 50% off coupon and get that Super Badger people like for $42.50.
I am currently considering a Simpson Commodore x1. It is stiff, dense, and $65. For something not so dense, the BK4 may be the way to go. Variety is always nice.
What is the difference between the Ronney Special and the regular Rooneys? Also, some say this is a "small brush" but how the bloom on it? My EJ BBB is a medium and has a 21mm knot, the Ronney special has as 22mm and I think my EJ is quite decent size?
How much of a difference will I notice if I go from Best to Pure, which is what I would be doing with Rooney. Also, really interested in the Simpson, but couldn't find it? Anyone have a link?
For Simpson try www.leesrazors.com. The Rooney specials have shortened lofts. 47mm as opposed to 50mm for regualar. This is the biggest difference between Rooney and Your EJ brush. Loft size and knot size will determine how big a brush feels. As for pure badger, I have never tried a Rooney in Pure, or many other brands in pure. The one brush I had that was pure was way too scratchy and prickly for me. It was uncomfortable to use. Although it felt soft on the hand and the ends were not trimmed, I quickly moved on to another brush.
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