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20% off at Beaudelaire through June 14

Scotto said:
I just got the Verlaine and I think I like it better than the green tea, even. It has top notes of lemon peel that are just unbelievable. Also, they are scents that not many men are wearing, which appeals to me.
The linden blossoms have a distinct lemon scent.. The verven is somewhat citrusy too?
Every time I log in to this site there is another special going on somewhere. The people at Capital One are going to love this new hobby of mine.
Works now for me aswell... Oh am I special enough to get those items....hmmmm

its called a special right ? maybe im dense I need more lather... :-0
While getting your latest SCAD going have a minute to read some History aswell.


"When his best known collection of poems, Les Fleurs du Mal or The Flowers of Evil, was first published, Baudelaire, the publisher, and the printer were all prosecuted and fined for presenting obscene and blasphemous work. What more of a tribute (or a marketing tactic) could you ask for?"

My kinda Guy ! :thumbup:
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