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15 months of experimenting

Great read and I can sympathize in regards to coarse neck hair that grows in multiple directions. It took me a while to realize the importance of blade rigidity but once I did it really made a difference on my neck. I still can't go atg in a spot but that doesn't bother me; I'm just glad to be able to shave more than twice a week.
Great post @dcole! I’m not prone to wanting to purchase something simply from perusing the forum but man, i’m pretty much sold on the Boellis as my next soap. Still have some to run through before i make another purchase but it’s now been bumped to the top of the line. Also i’ve never been much intrigued by single edge razors but you’ve got me thinking in that department as well. May have to give one a try somewhere down the line. Thanks for an enjoyable post!
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