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132 Blades - Gillette Minora Stainless

The Minora Stainless is not a bad blade, definitely not the best in terms of smoothness or sharpness but it has good consistency. This is a blade that, should I buy 10-20 blades, I am confident that my opinion of the blade would increase. Would it earn its way into my top 10, probably not, but I could become content with it. The rating was 7.85 so 19 blades so far have scored better and 25 have scored worse. That does put it in the top 20, but likely not for long as it is at #20. It tied the Gillette 7 O'Clock Permasharp Stainless.

If I use just the first 4 shaves to rank it, falls to 24th place and is tied with the Astra Superior Stainless (Laser Marked) and the Jaws. For those who like this blade, I can see how. For me, it's "common herd" without shame.


Thanks for the review!!

This is close to my recollection of these blades (although it is quite awhile since I used one.)
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