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10,000th Member Raffle Contest

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Hey B&Ber's!

Badger and Blade.com has reached 10,000 Members!!!!

And to help us celebrate this auspicious occasion, our fantastic friends at www.ClassicShaving.com have provided us with some very special prizes to help us celebrate in style and they have sponsored the:

B&B 10,000th Member Raffle Drawing

sponsored by our friends at:


This contest will be a drawing which will be held during our Grand Prize Finale Week.

This will give all of our members enough time to enter the drawing thereby giving everyone a chance to participate at a chance of winning this awesome prize.

This raffle will be conducted in the same manner as the previously held General Raffle.

To enter, just place a post in the thread and whatever number post you have, that is the number that is assigned to you (the number post you have is after the thread has been pruned of any and all superfluous posts prior to the drawing.

Once the thread is closed, whatever number your post is, will be the number assigned to you. The winning number will be chosen using random.org.

Take a look at what ClassicShaving has provided. This prize is valued at over $380.00 :eek: :clap: :clap:

Thiers-Issard Historic Shaving Box with Incorporated Mirror for Straight Razors

This beechwood box, produced and designed by Thiers-Issard, and Made in Thiers, France is an improved replica of an historic box, manufactured for straight razor users during the early 1900's.

These boxes represented the ultimate in luxury and were used for both travelling and home shaving; truly the gentleman's perfect shaving set!


The Historic Box includes:

Stainless Steel Shave Bowl with complimentary puck of ClassicBrand Shave Soap

The Historic Box was designed to hold the following items (not included):

2 Straight Razors
Strop Paste
Your Shave Brush
An Alum Block
Sterol Oil


Anything Else You May Need!

And to assist you in filling up this beautiful antique-styled shaving box, ClassicShaving has also included the Midnight Wood Feather Razor "Artist Club RG Special"

This is one contest you surely will not want to miss. Remember to post your entry. Only one entry per member. We will announce a drawing date during the Grand Prize Finale Week, which will be held next week.

The B&B Carnival is coming to a close and the Grand Prize Finale Week promises to be a fun-filled extravaganza!! Don't Miss Out!

Unfortunately, this prize is only available to our CONUS residents. Our sincerest apologies to our international members.

As with all B&B Carnival Contest/Drawings, any dispute regarding the outcome of the contest will be resolved by the Moderators and their determination will be final.

And finally, if there is any belly-aching and/or complaining you will be disqualified. So, DON'T :001_smile
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