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#1 Blade?

Hummm - currently I would have to say Gillette Platinum with PolSilver and GSB a close second.

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I would say Personna Red since I have 440 stockpiled. A close second is Astra SP at 240. However, I recently found an old pack of Merkur and I'm really liking those again. I think I only stopped using them because of the price.
A single blade for the rest of my life??? Not likely. I normally do a four pass shave (three passes plus clean-up) and I often used a different razor and a different blade for each pass as that method, while unconventional, seems to work well for me.
Honestly, there are quite a few blades I could live with using exclusively. If I had to have just one though, probably Feather. They're so sharp and smooth that they work for me as both a daily blade and one that can cut through days worth of growth.
Isn't it amazing? We throw around the initialism YMMV all the time but nowhere is it truer than blades. Feathers, for some people they're the best thing since sliced bread, others hate them like poison. Such extremes for same product. I love wet shaving and everything about it.