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Wilkinson Shaving Cream

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What a great discovery!

Price- May not be the cheapest avilable, but still very affordable.
Quality- Great, I love it in any aspect
Scent- Very light, fresh, slightly soapy
Latherability- Very good, gives thick and pleasant lather with just few brush strokes, gives me smooth and unpainful shave, softens stubble fast and well
Efficacy- Good, I see no difference in comparison to other creams
Moisturizing Properties- To my greatest joy it does moisturize my skin, quite unlike any other cream I tried (suprisingly, soaps seemed here to work better for me)
Packaging- Cardboard and metal tube, blue and silvery in colour. Nice and simple.

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I just grabbed a tube of the blue Aloe Vera for 1€ from a grocery store in a small town in eastern Germany. I haven't tried it yet since it's one of 6 creams and 3 sticks I've bought in the last 2 days, all for less than 9€. Sad that there's 10 times more affordable wet shaving items available in a German town of 10k people than there is back home in Atlanta, GA (roughly 6 million people), not counting Art of Shaving or Caswell & Massey.
where are these creams manufactured? I also would like to know if the tub is the same as the tube formula....if anyone has either tube or tub to trade let me know,I have several russian creams to trade
Hi, would like to know where you got it from as I'm having terrible problems getting hold of it in the UK. I've tried the shaving stick which is awesome,:w00t: and the soap bowl which gave me ok shaves. Funny thing is u can get hold of the soap bowl with no problem at all in local supermarkets here... very odd.:blink:

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