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Vincent Double Edge Safety Razor

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I wanted to try this thing because it reminded me of a Weishi. This Vincent was bought with the intention to throw in the shower and use for body hair not facial hair and after getting I know why.

The Vincent is just plain horrible. First thing I noticed is how flimsy and weak it felt. Almost like a cheap plastic, unlike Polymer. Next, I recognized the TTO mechanism suffers badly not opening very well for blade replacement. Not to mention the silo doors do not open wide. This razor just feels cheap.

I initially wanted to give higher marks for the price, but at the lowest found on ebay at around $7 ranging to $20 along with blades, this razor is not a bargain! There are cheap toys made better than this and I am not kidding. I have seen dollar store toys built better.

This razor has been used no more than 6 times and the handle is beginning to flake its plating and the TTO mechanism stuck making it very difficult to open and close. I finally worked the handle enough so it could open the butterfly doors to exchange blades. It is literally falling apart and I really am considering contacting the seller and letting him know just how bad the Vincent truly is.

Stay clear of this thing at any price as it is the worst of the worst. Honestly, I would not PIF this razor to a newbie because if they had never had the chance to see a quality razor, it would give all DE razors a bad name. If you take the plunge... do not say I did not give you fair warning.
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i own this razor, not the best quality but decent shave though. could be better and could have been worse
I got one these a few weeks ago to use as a travel razor. The craftsmanship is not terrible, the mechanism is good. And for the price, it delivers a decent shave. I had to get used to the lack of weight though. Not much to this razor. If you are used to a hearty razor, this one will take some getting used to. So, I graded this one low on balance.

I used the Dorco blades it came with for the first few shaves and then moved on to an Israeli Personna. Much better with the Personna.

For the price though, it was not a bad investment for something I don;t mind losing. I think next time I will go for a Boots or a Wilkinson for a cheapo. Pitty those are hard to get in the Us.
I bought a Vincent DE on eBay, something like $15 with 100 Dorco blades. My first shave with it was with some hand-made sandalwood shave soap. The soap was hard to keep lathered, it'd dry on my face before I could shave.

I got a couple of bad nicks and was tempted to go back to my plain ol' plastic DE cheapo.

This morning, I shaved with Williams soap, which makes a much heavier lather. I tried the trick of laying the razor perpindicular to your face, then turning it slowly until the blade touches skin.

Not a nick this morning!

The build isn't as bad as some of the horror stories I've heard - it's definitely cheap, but the TTO mechanism works and the blade lines up evenly. There's no chipping or unevenness to the finish. I suppose build quality might be inconsistent. For the price, I'm not complainin! I figure I'll have 2 years' worth of shaves for the price of a 4-pack of mach 3s! :)

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