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The Real Shaving Co. Professional Lather Shave Cream Moisturising Skincare

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With a slogan like, "Real Shaving: always a pleasure, never a chore", how could I not be interested in this stuff?

I found it on sale for $7.00 (Canadian) but according to the R.S. Co. website, the stuff retails for £3.99, so to go with a great slogan, the price was right.

This cream has an interesting and pleasant scent (nothing to write home about, but nice none the less) and can easily be whipped into a beautiful lather (see photos below). The packaging is a little ho hum (a plastic tube like KMF or The Body Shop - only less attractive), but that really isn't that important (to me, that is).

My complaint about this shave cream is that the lather is very "light" and I didn't find it to be overly lubricating or moisturizing. I don't expect that the RS Co will make it into frequent rotation in my bathroom, but you never know; this may be something that somebody else would think is the best thing since sliced bread.

A little cream in my bowl...

After about 10 or so swirls...

A little more water and some more swirling...

Meringue like? Well, it looks pretty good to me...

Have another look...

Painting my hand (about 5 strokes)...

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I think it is great for the price - $5 at RiteAid. I did not care for the scent. As somebody else mentioned - it is a more modern scent - I think if you like the scent of Axe products you would like this scent. I don't enjoy it but thats just me. Lathers up quite well with very little effort. Dried out a bit quick but I think that has more to do with me than the product. I am not a big fan of the packaging. The tube is going to be hard to get all the product out of which will cause some waste. For the price - why not and if it is not to your satisfaction, no big loss.
Love this cream!!!

Price: $5.00 CDN a bargain at 3X this price.

Lather: Thick, slick, great scent.

Packaging: not so good, cheap, hard to get all of the cream out.

On my top three list.
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I brought this on monday, my first ever shaving cream from boots, I loved it lathered nicely had a nice but light smell not overpowering and also helped me aquire my best DE shave yet.

I have not done a full review as its my first cream and i dont have anything else to work of as a bench mark.

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