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Price: At $18 dollars for a bar it is on the expensive side. However, this is a MASSIVE piece of soap. I take two to three showers a day and I lather using a wash cloth; this soap lasted two months.

Quality: This soap is very hard and dense. Very well made.

Latherability: Using a wash cloth, this soap produces lather akin to a good shaving cream with a badger brush, thick, cushiony, and dense.

Moisturizing: Where most soaps leave a film on the skin that seems to leeche away moisture, this soap rinses clean and leaves the skin refreshed.

Scent: The soap smells of fresh-picked tangerines. Clean, modest, and refreshing, although the scent won't hang around too much after being rinsed off. It definately won't clash with any other product, so you need not worry.

Efficacy: This soap gets me clean and refreshed unlike any super market brand.

Packaging: Nice cardboard box with the soap shrink wrapped inside, simple elegance.

Overall: A beautiful soap at a price. I recommend it to anyone who does not eat soap (although the tangerine scent may not help this strange practice); you get a lot for the money.

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for this price I can find a Claus Porto soap and Musgo Real soap
Price $18 for a 6 oz. bar is certainly not cheap, but one can definitely pay more for a premium soap.

Quality I gave this a ding here because the AOS bar is not a true soap, but is a partial syndet bar; that is, it is partially soap, partially synthetic detergent - in this case sodium laureth sulfate. Whether or not this makes the product of lesser quality than true soaps is a matter of perspective, but for me it detracts from the handcrafted, artisanal feel I like in a premium soap. AOS seems intent on making up for this by cramming the bar full of other "buffer" ingredients, such as shea butter, almond oil and avocado oil. I'm not sure if these ingredients are in concentrations high enough to balance out the base, though, as I do find the bar to be a bit drying (see below).

Latherability This bar lathers like no soap does - because it's not soap. But there's no denying the lather this bar produces is profuse, rich and dense; it is truly luxurious feeling.

Moisturizing Unlike the previous reviewer, I find the AOS bar to be a bit drying, which has led to me not using it as much as I otherwise might. My girlfriend felt the same way, and stopped using it altogether, so I know it's not just me. YMMV, of course.

Scent Very fresh tangerine - very nice. For what it is, it's perfect, although if you like a richly perfumed soap, this may seem a little too one-dimensional. Over time, I have noticed that the scent can fade, although this is mainly a concern if you trade off with your soaps and will have this bar lying around unused for periods of time.

Efficacy It works well enough; I just wish it didn't leave me feeling quite so dried out.

Packaging AOS has classy packaging for all its products, and this bar is no exception. It is nice that the bar itself is sealed in plastic within the main box, helping to keep it fresh.

Note: Per the comment that this soap resembles L’Occitane’s verbena shea butter soap, the two are actually quite a bit different. In terms of the soap itself, I would probably go with the L’Occitane, although I prefer AOS’s tangerine scent.
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