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Tangerine Creeper soap & aftershave

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I finished shaving half an hour ago, and my face is still cold. That should give you a clear indication of how effective Tangerine Creeper really is. I will be thoroughly enjoying the face-freezing while this stuff lasts because this latest edition from The Holy Black is supposed to be the last of the Creepers, according to a YouTube video featuring the two brothers running the show. Then again, they never intended to do a second release of Lavender Creeper either and look what happened, so you never know.


Full disclosure here, before I bought this I had never owned or experienced any kind of tallow soap. No matter, because I had no problem whipping up a mountain of this absurdly citrus-heavy lather. It started out a little foamy at first, but in mere seconds it turned into an unctuous lather. The cooling sensation starts off weird because I've never used anything with Koolada instead of menthol. Koolada by the way, is a synthetic menthol invented by Wilkinson Sword. Koolada starts off just barely cool upon initial contact, but the temperature starts to drop. And drop. And drop some more. It was so refreshing to get all the cooling without the mint. Why can't more soap companies use this?
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As for the aftershave, it only intensified the cooling. Between the soap and this , this is absolutely a summer-only regimen for me and even then, only on the most sweltering hot summer days! There's a tiny amount of sediment in there so if you're using this, be sure to give it a brief shake before using. The bottle does not have a stopper so you'll either need to partially block the opening with your finger, or I suppose a dropper will work too.

I'll be deeply disappointed once this runs out, but I shave only two to three days a week and I'll be putting this in storage after summer's end, so hopefully I'll be enjoying Tangerine Creeper for a long time to come.
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