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No. 9 Shave Cream

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Very rich and soft texture, with a mild and pleasing medicinal/minty/herbal scent. $20 for an 8 oz. tub from www.gornikandduckershop.com.

I bought this product with the hopes that it would be a non-lathering and thus not a soap-based product. After a closer look but without having tried it yet, I thought it was a soap-based cream.

Now that I've shaved with it, I believe this product is in fact a non-lathering cream. Although I don't shave with lather, I thought I'd go ahead and see what kind of lather I could get, just for kicks and giggles. No amount of whipping would produce anything, and the cream just disappeared into the brush. This is all moot since as I've alluded to already, I'm a non-soap and non-lathering kind of guy.

All that aside, I got a BBS shave with this cream. With one finger I scooped out an almond-sized dollop, spread it across all fingers, and applied to my face. As I said before, the scent is very mild so don't worry about your sinuses being overwhelmed by fragrance fumes (Rasoline, I'm looking at you). Even with the tea tree, eucalyptus and minty ingredients, I didn't sense any cooling sensation.

After all was said and done, my skin felt moisturized and there was no irritation.

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Pros: Lubrication, scent
Read above. I'm just submitting my ratings here, with an explanation of each rating.
Price: 8 Eight ounces for $20 isn't a shabby deal. Maybe not the most smashing bargain, but then again all I'm after is a smooth face, not a bargain.
Quality: Fantastic cream. About the consistency of buttercream frosting, and it spreads very smoothly.
Scent: Kind of reminds me of Wrigley's Doublemint chewing gum, but still different and very subtle. Very classy.
Latherability: Moot. All moot. Not a factor here.
Efficacy: I don't even know what this means within the context of shaving, so I'm not factoring it into my rating.
Moisturizing Properties: Moisturization is there in spades, that's all I have to say about that.
Packaging: Screen-printed plastic tub. Nothing dramatic and over the top, but not chintzy. It's middle of the road, hence a 5.
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Moisturizing Properties
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