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Pros: Tons of slick and cushion
Cons: Is too big such a thing
I included some pictures of the wrapped and unwrapped product. As you can see the puck is rather larger increasing its price per puck value substantially. For those of you picky folks like myself that likes to put the sticker on the can/jar you use to store soaps these stickers peel right off for easy adhesion to the next surface. The sticker printing is not easily smeared by water either. The puck is a nice firm soap not the normal pseudo cream I am used to from artisanal soaps (I prefer a hard and uniform soap for some reason) Now onto the real test.

This soap lathered so fast and thick I thought it was going to dry me out or just be a face full of foam with no cushion or slickness (I might have loaded brush for 20 seconds, then face lathered). Boy was I wrong this went on my face and I looked like an Arko advert. I then drug my slant across my face expecting a bit of tug since it was only a day since my last shave (thick stubble). This was easily in the top 3 comfortable shaves I have had with only one day of growth. I was able to get a 3 pass shave out of one brush loading with plenty left over.

Okay, the scent. Mild enough to enjoy, pleasant "signature" scent. This is the only aspect I didn't give a full 10 score on because I enjoy more earthy scents and is entirely subjective to mood and personality. The scent did not collide with my aftershave either (dissipated like most soaps after cold rinse and towel pat).

Post Shave - I am used to having to apply almost 2 layers of moisture before I put on my aftershave, but I was surprised how the soap didn't dry me out or leave a filmy residue. Its a hard soap so puck cleanup for storage was as easy as a rinse and towel pat.

All in all, I am a huge fan of this first outing and product from Wet Shave Obsession. I am looking forward to trying out the preshave oils and aftershaves as well.
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