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Baywood Aftershave Balm

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This is an Aftershave Balm sold by Wet Shave Obsession. A Badger and Blade Hobbyist/Vendor at Wetshaveobsession.com

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Pros: Hydrates, Heals, Smells great, and a not so subtle burn
Cons: Scent only lasts 30 minutes
I have been trying out this aftershave for the past week. I pretty much tried to abuse my skin without drawing blood (which of course I did a bit anyway). I am going to start with my shaves.

First I did a Straight Razor shave a very large Wedge (cant get more aggressive than this). I am still learning straights so my face was rather well beat up after this. I tried this product to give it that moisture it needs after a warm shave. I normally use Every Man Jack for this due to its nice scent and not overly oily feeling. That being said I put the dime sized portion in my palm and was enjoying the nice Baywood scent (a mix of bay rum and sandalwood). For those of you that have tried the Ogallala version of this mix, this product leans more toward the sandalwood and thus has less of a sweet smell and more of a great earthy "Man" scent. I can't get over how much I like this scent. Okay, enough about that, let me get back to the shave. I put the product on and feel a nice steady burn feeling (was very surprised and thought I overdid it with the straight razor). I like many enjoy the burn of alcohol aftershaves. This was just as intense but was a slow build and lasted a good bit longer. After a rough shave like this I normally cannot shave for a day or two afterwards and then it is a WTG shave. Not only did this get rid of the red on my neck quickly but I was able to shave the next day with no discomfort! A huge bonus

Next shave was another straight with a full hollow grind and again abused my face. The results were identical to the first shave. Left my face with moisture, but not greasy. Redness remedied quickly and was able to shave the next day!

Then came the dreaded R41 2011 DE razor. This razor will trash my face more than a straight since I think "oh its just a DE". Again this balm gave me the nice burn, great scent, next day shave ready face etc...

Finally my last shave was the great ol 39c my wonderful little slant DE razor. This is my close your eyes and shave away and still get BBS. This was my real test on if the burn was from the balm (was hoping it was) or that my other razors just scraped off too much DNA. Again, the post shave was wonderful. A good warm almost burn, have I mentioned how great the scent is, and was able to keep my face hydrated and razor rash free. No ingrown hairs at all on the neckline as is typical from a week of intentional abusive shaves.

For those of you that just want the bottom line here it is. A balm that heals, gives you that great burn feeling (that's how we men know it works), smells great, gives your more shave ready faces. Go and get you some now I bet you will put it in your rotation or clear your rotation like I have.

Another great product from Wet Shave Obsession
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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