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Razor Emporium Connecticut Yankee Shaving Soap

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This is a "croap," which is a combination cream/soap like Cella. It lathers easily in a mug. The container that holds this 4.4 oz. puck is not big enough for me. I added a photo comparing this soap (out of the container) size-wise with Mama Bear's (top); an Arko tub (left); and Williams (right). The price is $12.99 ($3.25/oz.) so it is medium-priced. It has a milder scent than Williams, but it is more natural and feels fresh during the lathering process. I shaved twice: once with several days growth, once with one day's growth. The lather is rich, it does not dissipate, and provides a fine cushion. This is a soap obviously targeted for those who want to vicariously experience the nostalgia of the original product that made the J.B. Williams Co. famous. Be advised: if you are satisfied with the current Williams product, it is considerably less expensive. One store carries it in my city at $1.09 for the 1.75 oz. puck ($0.62/oz). I like Connecticut Yankee Soap and will probably continue using it as long as it is manufactured.

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