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Pearl Two Piece [T-121 CHROME]

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Got this two piece razor from Amazon.in for a mere INR 899

Once I opened the box, I was shocked (and pleased) to see such a high quality product. The steel plating is totally perfect on the razor and the finish is superb. The grip has been knurled well, and it will be rare that this razor slips out of ones hands. This is a two-piece razor, which means the cutting head always remains fixed to the handle, and the top cap comes off. The assembly can be opened from a screw system at the bottom. It takes around 4-5 turns to remove it completely. The stem inside which has the unscrewing mechanism seems to be spring loaded. It takes a while to get used to this type of razor for loading the blade, as compared to a standard twist-to-open (TTO) or three-piece DE razor.

Coming to the specific features:
Weight: It clocks in 100+ gms on the scale, brand new. This gives a nice weight when shaving and no pressure (absolutely none) has to be applied. Just place the head at 30 degrees, and let gravity do the work -- as you pull down. No pressure..!

Blade Angle: This is a mild razor. You can see some of the images for the angle of the blade. It sits in perfectly under the cap, and even on both sides. Difficult to get cut with this, unless you really press down. Since it is a two piece razor, the bottom cutting head is fixed and cannot vary. The cap sits in flush once tightened down, so the blade aligns perfect.

Shave Quality:
The razor shaves really really well. Of course since it is DE, at least two passes are needed. Post the shave there are no burn or nicks. Smooth, nice shave to make the rest of the day enjoyable.

Handle Length:
It is a long handle (but not barber pole), and gives a good grip keep sufficient room to vary the cutting angle.

Additionally you get one puck of Wilkinson Sword blades and a 12% discount voucher for the companies site. Overall, Pearl has created an awesome product with exceptional quality and perfect price-point.

The pictures speak more than this review..!

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