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I bought a Parker 29L Pink and Lavender for my wife and my daughter.
Both my wife and my daughter think this razor is perfect for their legs, armpits and bikini line.
They like the weight and that it has a good grip.
It's as mild as Feather Popular, but they think it's more efficient, maybe because it's heavier?

I had to test razor too and compare it to my Popular.
I loaded the razor with an Astra SP blade and started shaving.

The first impression is that it is mild, really mild, milder than the Popular.
I did two passes, wtg and atg, and the face felt like a coarse sandpaper.
With Popular I usually get pretty smooth after two passes.
Because razor is so gentle I noticed that I started pressing the razor against the skin, resulting in a couple of nicks on my chin.

No, this razor is not for men with rough stubble but I know from experience that it fits perfectly to get a bbs shave on my wife's legs :)

Because they have it on sale at one of the merchants in Sweden, I only paid 26 Euros for the two razors so I still have to say that it was a really good buy.

Recommended to anyone who wants to give his wife, daughter, sister, partner a good DE razor at a great price


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Pros: Cheap, 13 Euros on sale, efficient enough for ladies and teenagers
Cons: Too mild for coarse stubble
Bought one for my daughter and one for my wife.
They love it!
They think it has great balance and weight, making it efficient enough for them.
Perfect for their legs, armpits and bikini line.
Very easy to change the blade, butterfly opening working just fine.

Too mild for me and my stubble, milder than a Feather Popular.
I will have to stick to my R41
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