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Palmindaya Creme de Barbear (Shaving Cream)

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Palmindaya Shaving Cream is produced in Brazil Palmindaya Cosméticos Ltda., which operates since 1947. Wide offer includes cosmetics for both man and woman, including reviewed product which is targeted at professional use.

Actually, I was looking for Palmidaya for few years. During my trip to Brazil I visited many shops with shaving stuff and as it was easy to find creams like BiC, Bozzano or professional Fix Modell, Palmidaya was not there. This year I asked my daughter to look for Palmindaya, and she succeeded. So, let’s see how good is legendary Palmindaya.


We can get Palmindaya Shaving Cream in 3 sizes – 700 g, 240 g and 60 g. My jar is medium sized, dark blue and not very pretty. The cap has a little too small diameter in relation to the size of the jar and picking up the cream from the bottom can be very difficult.


The situation is a little better in the case of a larger package, but also here it is far away from perfect. The lower and wider jars would be much better.


The cream is quite thin, so it can be easy applied to the face.


The smell of the reviewed cream does not encourage to write about nuances. It is a simple, fresh and clean scent, with clearly eucalyptus-forest character, broken with citrus. Honestly, that’s what I expected from the Palmindaya cream – nothing special, good, Brazilian, barbers smell. In like it more the for example green Proraso.

My rating for scent is 6/10.


The basis of the composition of Palmindaya cream are saponified stearic acid with potassium hydroxide and fatty acids from coconut oil. The composition is complemented by: menthol (cooling sensation), PEG-75 Lanolin (emollient and emulsifier, conditioning effect), sucrose (moisturizing effect), glycerin (humectant)

The product is preserved and stabilized with: boric acid (preservative, pH regulation), EDTA (sequestrant), sodium metasilicate (buffer, viscosity regulator), methylparaben (preservative).

Scent consists of mixture of aromatic substances of undisclosed composition (parfum) and Citronellol (rose and geranium).

There are two „controversial” ingredients in the Palmindaya cream. Borates as a component of cosmetics in many countries have been included in the list of prohibited substances, because they are suspected of carcinogenic. The second is Methylparaben, which we know, is not the perfect preservative and can be easily replaced with something better.

Composition according to INCI: Stearic acid, Potassium hydroxide, Coconut Acid, Menthol, Aqua, PEG-75 Lanolin, Boric Acid, EDTA, Sodium Silicate, Sucrose, Glycerin, Methylparaben, Fragrance, Citronellol.



On the first day, I tried to get „liquid lava” consistency. I took normal portion (1,5 g) as for a cream and I started with a small amount of water and successively added more, dipping the ends of the brush bristles. The effect was not satisfactory. The consistency thinned and I got a lot of light foam instead of good lather, with tendency to fading away. The fact is that it did not disappeared, but it was only a matter of time. On the second day I increased the portion of cream to 2 g and did not try to dilute it, as you can do with the best soaps and creams.


The effect was better, although in this case, there was no way to talk about the tongues you can form from the lather. The foam was quite thick. On the third day, I basically repeated the kneading procedure from the previous day, but I reached for another brush - a 26-millimeter Yaqi Tuxedo. The effect was the best of the previous ones. I was also careful with water this time. The next day I stayed with the 26-millimeter Yaqi Tuxedo. It is true that it does not massage the face like Mühle Silvertip Fibers 35K256, but it makes the foam even more efficient. I also reduced the amount of cream to a standard 1.5-gram portion and it turned out, that this amount is fully sufficient.

I rate the lather on 6/10. It’s a bit better than Proraso, but certainly Palmindaya does not perform in first league.


I shaved with a Razor Gold Dollar 209, a one-piece QShave / Weishi 6306 razor and a Mühle R41 razor.

Weishi with Feather razor blade was the first. My shave was going well! The gentle but quite effective Chinese machine easily ran through the skin, where the cream left slippery, and quite well protecting layer. Menthol cooling appeared at the end of the first pass and was delicate. After the second pass I achieved perfect smoothness and a few tiny red dots that disappeared after washing with ice-cold water. Well, what's Feather, it's Feather... Even in the Weishi machine he can show his claws.

On the second day I was also shaving Weishi, but this time I installed Pakistani Treet Dura Sharp - my razor Holy Grail. Smoothness reached the same as the previous day, but this time without red dots. The cream gave a really great slip and this time, completely sufficient protection. I had the impression that it was not record-breaking, but why should it be so, if the shaving was perfect?


On the third day, I could finally return to the straight razor. I have been using almost exclusively the Gold Dollar for a long time because it is made of alloy steel. Honestly, if it’s sharpened, I do not see any significant difference to more noble razors like Puma, Dovo Bismarck II Wade & Butcher or Charlex. It is known that my Wade & Butcher, due to a more complete cut, behaves differently, but I definitely would not say that it is better. If anything, I would have to admit (I still remember how much the razor cost me) that it is easier to shave with Gold Dollar. The Chinese razor is easier to sharpen and does not rust easily. Yes, it looks bad. Well...

Coming back to shaving with Palmidaya, I can summarize that it was doing great. I really could not fault anything. Only the smell of the cream could be better.

The next two shaves were held with Puma 39 (6/8) and Charlex (8/8). I was convinced that although Palmindaya has very good „shaving” properties, though I can not name it „outstanding". The property that attracted my attention, was the above-average softening of facial hair.

Palmidaya is undoubtedly a very good cream that can provide optimal shaving conditions. It gives great slickness and more than decent protection. My rating for shaving is 8/10.

After shave feeling

When it comes to skincare properties, Palmidaya cream is above average, but it is not as good as Mitchell’s Wool Fat for example. The assessment can not pick up the smell, because it is very delicate. Yes, it is pleasant, but far away in the background. I have no tendency to allergies, so I was not surprised by the lack of allergic reaction to Palmindaya.

After a week of use, I did not notice any skin problems. Apparently Pamidaya served me well.

I estimate shaving after 8/10.

Availability and price

It is rather big problem with buying Palmidaya cream outside of Brazil and maybe some neighboring countries. The tested packaging, containing 240 g of cream, cost 14 Reals, or $4.3. Larger, 700-gram package can be purchased for 36 R $, or $11.15. Assuming consumption of 1.5 g and purchase of a larger jar, the cost of one shaving is 0.02 USD.


Based on reviews I have read before buying Palmindaya, I thought it is perfect. My impressions, however, are a bit different. Well, I'm a little disappointed. First the smell - yes, pleasant, but compared to many, even inexpensive shaving soaps and creams, it is worse. Maybe if I liked the eucalyptus-forest scent, I would be more pleased. Another issue is lather. And again, I can not say it was bad, because it lathers quickly and in large quantities, but I could not bring it to a state of liquid, moisturizing „lava”.
Both slickness, protection, and especially the softening of facial hair is on a very decent level. In the same way, after shave feeling stands at a definitely high level. Maybe it is not an outstanding (as I read in reviews), but higher than most of the soaps and creams I used.

PS. Sorry for my English

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Pros: Easy to lather, smells decent
Cons: Skincare could be better
Unavailable outside of Brazil
I received a large tub of this cream a couple of years ago in trade with a Brazilian gentleman from another group and I had heard comments about it so I had high expectations. Well, I find it a very good latherer with a pretty decent scent as well as a good menthol sensation which becomes more pronounced during the second pass. The slickness is fairly good, yet I don’t find the postshave feeling to be as good as some other creams from Brazil such as Bozzano or Brut. The packaging IMHO leaves a lot to be desired.

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