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Jack Black Beard Lube

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I picked up some free sample packets of Jack Black Beard Lube from Nordstrom. I had never tried anything from this company, but I gave it a fair shot. The first packet yielded about 3 shaves, and I have several more to go.

I appreciate the fact that it is unscented, although that is not specifically spelled out on the packaging. It contains Jojoba Oil and Eucalyptus, but these oils are in trace amounts that do not inflict themselves on your sense of smell.

It squeezes out in a white colored cream. Directions suggest using an amount about the size of a US Quarter. Once you mix it with water, the whiteness turns into a translucent shade that lets you see through to your beard quite easily.

First time, I mixed it with some Musgo Real cream and whipped up a sloppy-wet lather, since I know that MR likes a lot of water. The resulting shave was much closer, much smoother, and much more comfortable than I get with MR alone.

Second shave, I tried the JB Beard Lube by itself, and was impressed with the cushioning and lube effectiveness. My razor (39C + Astra) just seemed to glide through the whiskers on the first pass, WTG. Even going ATG on the second pass was much easier than with other creams and soaps I've used. An almost BBS shave in 2 passes.

Third time I used it, same great results. A little more touching up and I'm sure I could get a BBS result almost every time with this product.

In each case, I followed up with Musgo Real ASL, and Bigelow #1200 unscented ASB.

The retail price of a 6-oz. tube is just $16. Quite reasonable for all that this offers. I like it enough that I will probably buy some more of these JB products in the near future.

I'm going to try the JB Post Shave Cooling Gel next, also some sample packets. I'll post results of that in a seperate review.

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Got a tube of this from Neiman's in Boston over the weekend and at first was put off and a bit skeptical at this product's claim of being a pre-shave, a shave cream and a moisturizer all in one.

But having used it a couple of times since purchasing, I would definitely recommend this product - especially as a staple in your Dopp kit.

The Plus: great moisturizing qualities, very smooth skin during and after shaving. So much so that you wouldn't really need an after shave moisturizer if you just use this product by itself for your entire regimen.

Also, it has a very mild but energizing eucalyptus scent happening, which is big in my book (anything mentholated, eucalyptus, cypress, juniper, etc. always gets points from me.)

The Minus: Weird shaving with a see-through product. While some gents may say seeing your beard while you shave is a big plus, for me it's a little scary.

Also - the price is a little steep - you can find excellent lathering soaps and cremes for less.

But overall, definitely worth a try and it could be a great addition to your overnight/travel bag stand bys. It's fun to use a modern product now and then. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something new.
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3.00 star(s)
Moisturizing Properties
4.00 star(s)
Price: Bit pricy IMO.
Scent: It has a nice light scent to it.
Latherability: NA
Efficacy: You don't need much to go a long way.
Moisturizing: This is why I will continue to buy this product. I use it as a preshave treatment...My shaving changed after using this product as it saved me from a lot of razor burn.
Packaging: Nice blue tube with some nice lables.
I enjoy this as a preshave application more than an actual shave cream. I usually shower or wash my face, apply JB, work into my beard, let it sit for a couple minutes, then apply my regular lathering shaving cream, follow Kyle's Prep, and then I am ready for a super close, super smooth shave!

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