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This is an oil based soap with lanolin and glycerin. It has an spicy, fresh scent, which is not overpowering. The scent is light, you can smell it during the shave, but your bathroom doesn´t smell of the soap, if you don´t close the lid.
You get a good slick leather, which is easy to produce and very protective.
The post shave feeling is great. The scent is vanishing very fast, so you can use whatever scent you like after the shave.

You can get this shaving soap as a refill puck, in a tin or in a handmade wooden bowl.

The soap is produced by an Austrian artisan. They changed their name in "Wiener Seife", but my soaps are still marked as StoBa.

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Pros: good protection, very slick, nice postshave feeling
I get use this soap always with a boar brush and take a lot of soap. I get a nice leather. If I use my synthetic or badger brushes the leather tends to be a little thin or starts to dissolve.
But even if it should dissolve you have an oily film left, which lets the razor glide perfectly.

It has a very light, spicy and fresh scent, but I can smell it during the shave. For me it provides a very close and smooth shave, even with aggressive razors like a Mühle r41 or a ATT H1.

The postshave feeling is great.

You can by this soap as a refill (14,- euros), as a tin (15,20,-) or in a handmade walnut bowl (27,-). The refill, tin and bowl come with 100g soap. Not the cheapest soap, but worth every cent.
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