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Pros: good protection, very slick, nice postshave feeling
I get use this soap always with a boar brush and take a lot of soap. I get a nice leather. If I use my synthetic or badger brushes the leather tends to be a little thin or starts to dissolve.
But even if it should dissolve you have an oily film left, which lets the razor glide perfectly.

It has a very light, spicy and fresh scent, but I can smell it during the shave. For me it provides a very close and smooth shave, even with aggressive razors like a Mühle r41 or a ATT H1.

The postshave feeling is great.

You can by this soap as a refill (14,- euros), as a tin (15,20,-) or in a handmade walnut bowl (27,-). The refill, tin and bowl come with 100g soap. Not the cheapest soap, but worth every cent.
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