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I have been drinking Gin for many years, but untill I found Hendrick's it was always mixed with something. My wife would turn ill at the smell, and no one I know wanted to drink "Pine-Sol" cocktails. That ALL changed after I introduced this to my friends. It has a totally different (flowery, but not in a bad way) taste. The makers recommend drinking it with a slice of cucumber, not lime. Do yourself a favor and grab some. The one comment I have to say is that it does make for an interesting Martini, I myself, would rather use Boodles Gin for that. Cheers!

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I have been a gin drinker for decades. Favorite is Bombay Saphire on the rocks. but I would never turn down a gimlet or g&t. Of course Taquaray and Bombay or good substitutes. Got a bottle of Hendricks as a birthday present last year. I really wanted to like this gin but the rose scent just put me off. It made a decent enough g and t, but I prefer my gin iced and clean. Back to Saphire for me.
(My observations are insufficiently cohesive to fill out a ratings list: sorry.)
I'm not going to fill out the ratings as I don't want to produce random numbers that don't have a defined base, as my 7 may be your 10 or vice versa. What I do want to say is that I find Hendrick's to be an exceptional gin compared to all the other brands I've tried (Bombay Sapphire, Gordon's Beefeater, New Amsterdam, Broker's, Glibey's ect.). You pay for the quality in Ontario compared to cheaper gins such as Gordon's or Beefeater but it is worth it, something I wouldn't say about Bombay Sapphire.

Because of the price I would not suggest using Hendrick's in heavily flavoured cocktails as you're like to mask its distinct flavour.

Also definitely try Hendrick's with a slice of cucumber rather then a twist. My usual at my local cocktail bar is Hendrick's, tonic and a slice of a cucumber. A very refreshing beverage.

Like Lelander I too am a sucker for nice bottles/packaging, Hendricks is the only bottle I keep out of the cupboard so far.
Hendricks is my favorite but i only drink it in martinis; in a nearby liquor store we can get the large 1.5 liter for $50. It is a large version of the regular bottle but HEAVIER it also comes with a metal spout

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