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Finlaggan Old Reserve Islay Single-malt Scotch

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Finlaggan Old Reserve costs 16.99 at trader joe's. I've heard it rumored that it's actually a younger Lagavulin, but I don't know for certain if it's true.

It is smoky, peaty, has rough edges, and definitely medicinal. There is absolutely no doubting that it is an Islay malt.

My only complaint is that the smell is VERY strong. The smell lingers for a long time. It's a good smell, but it is more medicinal smelling than say Laphroig.

Overall, the scotch I drink the most because I can't afford to drink the other Islay malts every night.

If you love the peat, go pick up a bottle at TJ's.:smile:

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My research (Malt Madness) says it is Islay but the bottle may contain any one of a number of Islay malt whiskies; so far, unable to find a method of ascertaining which bottle(s) contains which whisky.
I'm almost certain it's a young Bowmore. I would guess about 7 years old.

Not a bad whisky at all, and as you say very inexpensive.

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