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Corrynne's Shaving Soap

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Corrynne’s Shaving Soap is a Western Australian product containing French clays (...) with silica particles that allegedly produce a comfortable, gliding shave that is great for sensitive skins. The product comes in a mildly attractive amber plastic case and with ingredients that supposedly offer healing properties.

I used it for the first time today, and upon opening the container was a little disturbed by the blobby, firmish mush of beige that greeted me, along with a strange citrussy, muddy funk...but I persisted, happily enough. As we say here in Australia, I gave it a go.

I lathered up with a boar/badger combo brush and a lot of soapiness was produced very quickly, promisingly...but during the first pass, the lather faded into an insipid, airy and greyish disappointment, requiring multiple swirls in the pot just to get back a reasonable lather that lasted long enough to get through the whole shave. I might try a few drops of glycerine next time, just to see if I can get something a little richer and longer lasting.

I can’t say I thought it an outstanding product, French clays notwithstanding. I can get a better and more interesting, satisfying lather with a cheap shaving stick.

This might be a good soap for a quickie, second mild shave before going out schmoozing; this is not a workhorse soap, and is a bit more new-agey than barber-shoppy. Good for those with a light fuzz and a quick whip around the face.

The scent is better when the water is applied, but I find it a bit odd; maybe it will grow on me, but I rather doubt it. Others may well disagree. As to healing properties, well, who knows? It didn’t leave me feeling moisturised as the pack claims it would, either. Things improved with the application of a nice balm (Speick for preference).

Curious to know what others think. I am not particularly impressed. Shame, though, as I wanted to love it and want to support local products. Let’s hope the manufacturer doesn’t have sensitive skin.

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Pros: Large Container so will last a while, Moisturising
Cons: Thin, Airy Lather, Expensive
I really wanted to like this as it is made in Yallingup which is quite local to me but i have tried numerous times to create a decent lather but have failed no matter what i try.

The product itself smells good but looks a little different to most other soaps i've ever seen, it has an almost lumpy consistency which would be OK if it provided a decent and long lasting lather but it falls really short in that department too.

The lather doesn't even last one pass and in fact is so thin on my face by the time i have shaved half of it i need to relather both in the bowl and on my face.

A real shame as i love supporting local products but this shave soap just isnt up to much.
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