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Harvard H3

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The Simpson Harvard H3 shaving brush is elegant and is, as is often stated in the sales pitches, an underrated brush. I think it's not so much that it is underrated as just un-rated. No-one seems to have notcied it, but this is truly superb brush and an excellent all-rounder. It carries itself with an understated elegance. It does not shout at you, this brush, but draws you in and confirms both its promise and its capacity. I am very pleased I purchased it, and I am enthusiastic about its performance. For starters it looks beautiful and proportionate, and is a well-balanced brush in my meduim to large hands. Water absorption is right for me, and I use both shaving sticks and creams, but those who use soap pucks may have a different view. Lathered up, I can apply the foam exactly where it needs to go, and there is plenty of foam, too; it yields it up nicely and is a highly functional piece all round: a workhorse and an object of subtle beauty. It is part of my rotation, and I reach for it more often than not these days.

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